mavisol (mavisol) wrote in linguaphiles,

Capital letter or not: orchestras, ensembles, etc. Use of articles with the names of contests.

Do we start with a capital letter the words such as "orchestra," "ensemble", etc., when used as a generic term? For instance: Moscow Soloists c(C?)hamber o(O)rchestra?
Also, should we use definite articles with the names of competitions, contests, etc inside a phrase -- e.g., "the young pianist won 1 prize at (the?) 4th Tchaikovsky Competition"? Many thanks!

P.S. "Moscow Soloists" is not "an orchestra of Moscow Soloists." "Moscow Soloists" is THE name of A chamber orchestra. See
"He is also founder of Moscow Soloists, an ensemble he has performed with and directed throughout the world since 1992"
"In 1992, world renowned violist Yuri Bashmet founded the Moscow Soloists chamber orchestra by gathering together a group of young string players nominated"

Overall, I'm more interested in general rules than in the spelling of this particular group's name.

P.P.S. Yes, when I said "won 1 prize," I meant "1st prize," not "one prize." Sorry for the mistake.

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