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English help!

Dear colleagues!
Can anyone of you please check the following text from the point of view of a native speaker, just to make the text sound more English? The text is for the Russian charity website http://en.pomogi.org/

In response to your  request I inform you that the child N.O. born on November, 9th 2007 suffers from Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency which is a genetic metabolic disorder. It is a disorder of urea cycle which results in building up of ammonia levels in blood during amino acids metabolism and providing normal diet it results in development of coma and death. Two other children from this family died in early neonatal stage.

There are no special products  (protein-free blends) for feeding such children in Russia, there is no possibility to check ammonia levels in blood (having ammonia levels under control it is possible to select diet and to correct it in future) and hepatocyte transplant is  impossible. These measures are necessary to prepare the child for a further liver transplant.

The condition of the child is hard at the moment, he receives parenterally amino acid free feeding and enteral nutrition feeding by energy blend. Because of this weight loss is progressing, the child suffers from severe dermatitis apparently related to the principal disease.

I consider it reasonable to refer the child urgently to Brussles Saint Luc hospital as this hospital specializes in treating patients with genetic metabolic disorders and according to special literature it has a big positive experience in treating patients with Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency.


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