Бампшез Кью Бангуистл (thirteen_thirty) wrote in linguaphiles,
Бампшез Кью Бангуистл

Death's phone number.

I don't know japanise, but love anime and always watch it with audio stream in japanise and subtitles. Love the work of seiyuu and how the japanise language sounds. I began to watch "Soul Eater" a couple of days ago. It's about students of Academy of Shinigami. And Death (Shinigami-sama) is the chancellor of the Academy. His phone number is 42-42-564. And one of the main characters of the anime spells it as: "shini-shini-koroshitto". Is it a pun? And if it is how can it be translated? On one hand it's just a phone number and on the other "shini-shini" is almost "shinigami" - the god of death and koroshitto sounds like "koros"(don't know the right spelling) - to kill. So is it a play on words or just my imagination?

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