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I'm attempting to translate a text from Italian into German, but I keep hitting into technical expressions that cannot be Babel-translated.

Fondazioni realizzate con plinti prefabbricati di misure standard.
Verranno realizzati degli scavi a quota -0.45m di dimensioni 96x96cm nel caso di plinti angolari, tra loro equidistanti 328cm.
Il piano di fondazione per il vespaio areato verra´ previsto a -0.20m dal livello di quota del terreno e verra´ previsto un massetto  con pietrisco compattato.
This is my attempt:
Grundwerk durch serienmässigen Sockeln hergestellt.
Die Ausschachtungen werden mit Höhe -0.45m u. Grösse 96x96cm durchgefürt, falls die Ecksockeln 328 cm voneinander entfernt sind. Die Sohle ?????? wird -0.20 m unter der Erde sein und ein  ????? aus dichten Geröll ist eingeplant.

The bolded words are the ones that worry me the most, but I´d be grateful for any input on any part of the text.

Vespaio areato = insulating gap under a building, filled with either air cells or porous matter or gravel
Massetto = upper strata of subfloor , with the scope of levelling (plus, usually, to host plumbing & support tiles)

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