miconazole (miconazole) wrote in linguaphiles,

"Js are pronounced like Ys and Ys are pronounced like Js"?

Hay guys, I have a question. I'm not sure if there's actually an answer, but whatever. When I was in primary school we had a regular substitute teacher from Yugoslavia, which by then hadn't existed for several years but apparently nobody had bothered to notify the Australian diaspora. Also, one of her index fingers had a joint missing which we always asked her about until one day she finally agreed to tell us the story but had to stop halfway through the lead-up because she noticed one of the kids was white as a sheet, frozen in fear. Damn you, Thomas Davidson. Anyway, she was super mysterious and told us a lot of stories, like "the history of Yugoslavia", which as far as I recall was "Marshal Tito was a great man who single-handedly wrought a unified country with his brawny arms, then he died" but the one that mystified me the most was "In my language J is pronounced like a Y and Y is pronounced like a J". I get the first bit, but does anyone know what she was talking about Y being pronounced like a J? Was she just making shit up to keep us quiet?

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