Yuri Panchul (panchul) wrote in linguaphiles,
Yuri Panchul

Japanese: "Adesugata" = "Enishi" ?

I am trying to write a description of a flower cultivar known in the west as "Enishi" ( http://sazanka.org/2007/12/28/semi-formal-pinks/ ) meaning allegedly "Charming appearance". I found its description in the English translation of “The Nomenclature of Japanese Camellias and Sasanquas” ( 日本ツバキ・サザンカ名鑑 ).

However the Kanji associated with this cultivar in that book are 艶姿 (あですがた, Adesugata, "Sexy female body"?). My question is: how are those two words related (Enishi and Adesugata)? Are they synonyms? And how to write "Enishi" in Japanese? And what is the precise meaning of "Enishi" and "Adesugata"?

This is the picture of "Enishi" / "Adesugata":


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