ein_wunderkind (ein_wunderkind) wrote in linguaphiles,

I'm applying for a scholarship to do an intensive 1 month language course in Vienna, Austria (at the University of Vienna) next summer and I'm curious about what the German dialect there is like.

I know all the teachers will speak and teach us Hochdeutsch of course, but will I be able to understand people at all outside the classroom? How easily do people codeswitch between High German and Viennese? Will they just do so automatically when speaking with foreigners or is the native dialect something everyone speaks in regardless of the circumstances?

Please don't write something like, OMGZ DO NOT LEARN GERMAN IN AUSTRIA because I am interested in Austria but also the scholarship amount isn't enough to do a 1 month course at the Goethe Institutes in Germany, so those are out of the picture.

Edit: Thanks everyone for the insightful comments!

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