come_love_sleep (come_love_sleep) wrote in linguaphiles,

Best books for learning Korean?

Hi! I'm a student of Japanese and Spanish, and I'm in love with pretty much every language I hear (except, bafflingly, French. Just doesn't get me by the heart for whatever reason). I'm wondering if you can tell me, since it seems of late that the next tongue I want to begin learning is Korean, what resources are to be most recommended? A cursory scan of the local Borders, which is fantastic for Japanese, reveals only four books on Korean, and those using only Roman characters, which seems terribly wasteful to me considering how lovely Hangul is.

I'm interested in books, CDs, online stuff, magazines, whatever I can dive into, as I tend to take the 'language-acquisition through overstimulation' route. Works best for me, anyway. ;)

Thanks very much for your time!

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