Stephanie (psychedelicmeow) wrote in linguaphiles,

I would like a hebrew tattoo, but first I have to know if this is right..
גם זה יעבור

"This too shall pass" (Hebrew: גם זה יעבור‎, gam zeh yaavor)

thanks in advance :)

EDIT: I lost track of the chaotic comments a while ago.. I'm too buisy attending university to read everything
I just want to say I never realized it was a religious phrase where I can offend people with. I thought it was just a story/myth with Hebrew as the original language. To respect the official language of the story, I thought it would be the most logic thing to do not translate the phrase into English or another language. I most surely don't want this tattoo too 'look cool' but for is meaning 'this too shall pass'. Now I'm going to read all the interesting comment to see how I can change the proverb without offending anyone :)

and to the people who are starting to attack me based on my LJ profile: there are tree words and a picture on it? I hope you are more nice in real life, otherwise you must be very lonely..

bye bye linguaphiles & thank you naatz and other nice people :)
and the offended people: I never ment to anger you, but you could have remained calm.. hate doesn't help you to get understanding

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