Ayla22 (ayla22) wrote in linguaphiles,

Advice sought on a phrase in German

Hello all,

This is my first post here, and I must admit that I joined in order to ask the question below.

I am contemplating starting up a sort of social networking forum/website and the front runner in names I want to call it is 'Sind sie frei?'

The name came about because at the time the idea occurred to me I was studying basic German from language tapes.

My question is, in the context of social interaction, is the phrase 'Sind sie frei?' appropriate? Or does it purely apply to asking if a chair or taxi is free rather than being the English equivalent of saying to someone 'Are you free to catch up, do you want to hang out with me?'

Any advice you can provide on this is much appreciated =)

Danke! ;)

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