Kaitlyn (cognosco) wrote in linguaphiles,

Why is this joke (supposed to be) funny?

I don't know if it's just not funny, or I don't get something that's funny in German.

ETA: I didn't realize the link redirected to the home page of that site. Here's the joke behind the cut:


Nichts zu danken!

No need to thank!

Ein dreijähriges Kind sagt zu seinem Vater: "Meine Tante hat mir Eiskrem gegeben."

A three year old kid says to his father: "My auntie gave me some ice cream"

Der Vater sagt: "Hast du Danke gesagt?"

The father says: "Did you say thank you?"

Das Kind errötet und sagt: "Oh, das habe ich vergessen."

The kid blushes and says: "Oh, I forgot."

"Dann geh sofort und sage Danke!"

"Then immediately go and say thank you!"

Fünf Minuten später kommt das Kind zurück.

Five minutes later the kid comes back.

"Hast du Danke gesagt?"

"Did you say thank you?"

"Ja, habe ich. Aber es war nicht nötig!"

"I did. But it wasn't necessary!"

"Warum das denn?"

"Why is that?"

"Sie sagte: Nichts zu danken!"

"She said: No need to thank!"



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