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Turkey joining the EU

So being a baking nerd I was watching a show called Chef abroad on the food network (or channel or whatever the canadian one is called) and the host is in turkey talking to owners of a restaraunt that specialises in traditionally made breads. One of the things they mention is that they cook in a wood burning stove and the host comments that if Turkey is accepted into the EU they will no longer be allowed to use a wood stove.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why that would happen? Or has any tips as to where i ashould be looking to find the answer or clues to the answer? Is it simply a case of cutting down on carbon emissions perhaps? which then leads me to wonder if they couldn't buy carbon offsets but I confess I'm rather ignorant in how that works.

Sorry if this is an inappropriate post I'm basically not sure where it would go but I know there's a lot of intelligent folks on here so I'm humbly asking your assistance.

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