miconazole (miconazole) wrote in linguaphiles,

I have heard there is no word in English for перепукать, please tell why this is

as you probably have heard a joint venture, NIGAZ was made between a Russian company gazprom and natoinal Nigerian Petroleum corporation.
But what I dont understand is English-speakers on social networks such as digg, wikipedia etc find this humorous
it is just a combination of words, why is it so funny.

I need some help with British English
in which ways is it better than American English
I know the British spelling is more historically accurate. can you think of other reasons?

is there a word or phrase in english that reminds the listener you are not homosexual
for instance a brother of my friend enjoys snooker and i wish to purchase for him some poles
but were i to give him these present i could look like a pederast
is there something i can say so he understand my intentions?

Can you tell me why are people of the U S and A so sensitive about the word "welfare"?
I was talking with my Jew coworker and I only mentioned welfare, then she became very agitated
is this not a "politically correct" word to be using nowadays

thank you in advance

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