Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

japanese language and the brain

Hi everyone,

if anyone has more info on this subject, I'd love to be enlightened =)

So, I believe that our LEFT brain is what is responsible for language processing, because the means by which we USE language, are primarily intellectual and practical, hence the 'logical' left brain coming in to action.

Whereas, with the sounds of music, this is something that has more of an emotional effect on us, hence the more 'imaginative' RIGHT brain kicking in.

But, I heard that for Japanese language, people tend to utilize their RIGHT brain more than left, for processing this language. Do you all think this is true, or found evidence demonstrating this? I can understand this being the case for a TONAL language, since the right brain deals with prosody, and the tonal languages like Mandarin and Cantonese are quite melodic as a result.

Is this only the case with Japanese language, and all other languages are mainly utilized by our left brain?

I wanted to know, maybe it has something to do with the many different visual aspects of this language, as Japanese is unique in this way, right? I don't know of any other language that uses so many different visual scripts, of expressing the language!

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