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Getting a feel for Portugese

Hi there!

I've just booked a short trip to Lisbon, departure in a few weeks. And as I hate going to a country without having at least a little feel for its language, I was wondering where I could learn some really basic portugese.

What I essentially want is to be able to hear the language, in order to get to know the specificities of the pronounciation.
My mother-tongue is (Swiss-)German and I speak French fluently. I've also learned Latin at School, which generally makes me understand the basics of Roman languages quite easilly. When I was in Italy, I was able to understand more or less what people were asking me, but I couldn't answer...

However, when I was younger, I used to work at a highway restaurant over summer, I had portugese co-workers and at first, I didn't have a clue it even was a Roman language. It always sounded eastern-european to me. (This was probably because there had been a lot of co-workers from ex-Yugoslavia, too)

I'm not the fastest learner of foreign languages. The important thing is really to get a little familiarity with the language, so I won't feel completely lost there. I probably won't try and talk to people.

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