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Letters in German, Yiddish and Hebrew

Hi everyone-
I was cleaning my grandparents house today, going through some old documents and found several written in languages my great grandparents spoke, but which I do not. My relatives came over from Germany (Nuremberg), Romania (then Bukovina, Austria-Hungary), Russia (Smela, now Ukraine) and Poland in the nineteen teens and, other than a few words of Yiddish their native languages are lost to me. I would love to know what they say if anyone would translate for me. Even the jist would satsify me for now.
Thanks so much for your help,

First, I found a photo of a little girl, possibly my great grandmother, who grew up in Nuremberg:

On the back is writing in German:

Near it was this certificate, which I think says something about my great grandfather, Leon Bruckner:

Later on in the folder I came across this doc in Hebrew (Yiddish?). I have no idea what it says:

There is also this letter in Yiddish, I think concerning a burial, but I'm not 100% sure:

Bigger versions of all images can be found here on my flickr.

Thanks again! As I said before, any help is appreciated. Full translations would be amazing, but even a hint would be great!
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