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Song translating - Japanese.

Hello everyone.
I'm considering an Idea - I'm looking to pay someone to help me translate my songs into Japanese ( ROMAJI so i can sing them..and Kanji / kana if you desire as well) this november / december.

more under here

Thank you for taking the time to come and read this.

I've been wondering lately on an idea.. and i'm not sure if its acceptable to ask.. but i wanted to..incase.
Its still just an idea im thinking about doing though.. but i wanted to see if anyone was interested in helping me.

I'm trying to write my own songs. Me and my brother had this J-Rock influenced band 'Kalmia / Karumia'.. however sibling rivalry destroys.
Hes regrouped with new members and i'm on my own.
But i'm not giving up.
Hes been putting me down and ruining my confidence and self esteem lately, sneering at me and has no respect for me. And no'one wants to put up with that and admit defeat.
He thinks he's 'it' because hes a lead guitarist and "clearly the most talented", which is why our band broke down recently.
His nasty attitude is getting me so angry i'm determind to stay and challenge him everystep of the way. While hes back in the recording studio feeling like 'TOP man', I'm working hard on writing my songs, singing lessons ect.. and putting all my effort into this new solo project of mine. And I'm passionate about it..but now his 'sneering' at me is really driving me to work harder to wipe it off his face... and make it 'myself'.

I've got songs ive been writing, and new ones i'm working on.
I'm wanting large portions of my songs translated into well as ..maybe German..or something. Because i like hearing languages and would like to sing using some of it.

I'm very into Japanese Rock and want to help bring it to England more.
So i'm wanting to sing in English and Japanese mainly.

Because translating my songs goes above my japanese-capablities..i'm learning the language but still not so advanced, and i want to get my lyrics as what i'm singing about isnt lost and makes me look completely stupid.
I'm thinking about getting my lyrics translated....
Work hard writing my songs, and singing, getting them in translated and then working on melodies.
Though i know you write a song to a yet not sure as to how i can do that until they are displayed into their correct form.

ive thought about sending them away professionally. But i worry there may be confusion of meaning on my lyrics or some bits not understood and then translated wrong...or other mistakes.
Well i would feel more comfortable having someone help me, and having the option of being able to discuss it along the way with eachother.

So i wanted to ask if anyone felt like helping me for a while.
I'm not sure how this request will go down but i dont mean any rudeness with asking. I know its a time consuming request.

But if anyone wanted to help me.. i was then also wondering how much you would charge me to do this service for me.. and how, if its per song..ect.
Because if someone says yes and gives me a price i can then decide if i can afford to do it or not.. (through paypal) and either go ahead or eliminate it.
Which is why i say its still just an idea..i'm contemplating.
Because i will be Following Miyavi around on his tour until sometime in october. I cant pay anyone until November / December time... so theres a while yet until we can do this.
I wanted to hear your thoughts on this idea. If its ok.
i really dont want to get people angry.. with this.. i know this community is not a free service.. and i dont mean to affend anyone. I was just wondering if anyone would consider helping me.

Its just i'm finding it hard to create my melodies to my songs without them in their intended form.I know its much more rewarding to learn and translate myself, but i'm finding it much harder than i first thought..and i'm not getting anywhere.
While im trying to learn and translate them, im finding my dictionaries just dont contain as many words as i need...and also everyday i find theres still so much i dont yet know about Japanese.

I hope this doesnt make me a hypcrite, wanting to sing in Japanese as well as english when i still dont fully understand the language.
I just find it so beautiful, and im inspired by all my Japanese rock stars and musicians. i want to join the J-rock / Visual kei scene, with my own touch and ideas to share too.
I am studying hard as much as i can fit into my day, but text books and things only really help you so far.. and im learning quite slow. things take a while to sink into my head.

Which is why i was wondering if anyone could help me while i'm still learning,.. until i am more confident to do it on my own.

I did think..'Am i cheating by asking this?' but also i then think, 'well i have written and created these songs so they are all my own work'.
Maybe they arent brilliant songs but i am passionate about them.

Would anyone consider this.. especially for a price.
We could Decide a price together, and work on it this november / december?
Sorry for any anger this post could cause.

love Sky
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