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The etymology of fannish terms

On Fan History Wiki, we are looking for a little help improving our terminology articles to include better etymologies, examples that demonstrate the term and historical definitions. If you are knowledgeable regarding fandom definitions, we would really appreciate it if you could help out.

Some pages are better and more useful than others. The ones that have a really good start but could use some one summarizing the evolution of various terms include:

  • Crack!Fic
  • Fan fiction
  • Canon
  • Mpreg
  • Slash

    We'd really appreciate it if anyone could also help by finding pages like this one on Geocities and including historical definitions on the relevant pages. Geocities is closing down on October 6. For fan cultures and some parts of early internet history, this is a great big loss. Understanding how some words were used in their earliest contexts, how definitions evolved and changed will become harder as Geocities was so central to much of that history. Any attempts to help preserve that history and develop a better etymological understanding of fannish words from that site... we would be grateful. Thank you for any assistance!
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