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Internationally Recognised Syllabus / Examination

Hi, I couldn't find anything in the memories about this, so I thought I'd make a post and maybe it could get put into the memories.

I thought it would be a useful resource if we had lists of the internationally recognised examinations for each language, along with what level you need to be to teach that language in your own country, and what level you'd need to be to go to that country and teach your language as a foreign language, and to do translation work between your own language and that language.

For example:



To teach Japanese in English speaking countries: (not sure, I think 3)
To teach English as a foreign language: (also not sure).
To do translation work between English and Japanese: (again not sure, 3?)

I don't know any of the levels, but I'm happy to take comments and edit them into the original post and come up with a good list which I think would be a useful resource.

Having TEFL levels in there would be good too!

Anyone care to add other languages and build up a good resource?

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