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French dialogue query

Hello again. :) Can I just say again how incredibly useful this comm is?

Anyway, at the moment, I have a French character I'm writing, so I need some help with some dialogue queries. I would be incredibly grateful for any advice you could offer. :)

What I want to say (at least part of the sentence, if the rest is needed I'll happily give it) - "...when you tickle me." Now, I would think that this would be somewhere along the lines of, "...quand tu me chatouilles." I'm just nowhere near confident enough in my own abilities to know if that's even remotely right.

The other thing is, what would be a natural way to say, "Think about it"? I realise I would have to use réfléchir or imaginer, and I know that "I'll think about it" is "Je vais y réfléchir," but I'm not sure how to take away from "I" and make it a directive. If that makes any sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Seriously, at this rate, I'm just going to go any start taking French classes again. Either that or just dig out all my old French books...that'll be fun...) :) Thank you!
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