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English vocabulary game - Juxtaposition

During a recent bout of insomnia, I tried to think of English words that contained 2 consecutive letters of the alphabet.

Ex: Abduct, calm

My "rules" were:

1. No plurals
2. No obvious loanwords
3. No proper nouns or adjectives based on proper nouns
4. No consulting a dictionary or the Internet, except to check if a word really exists

Here are the sets of letters I couldn't think up words for, unless I break rules 2 or 3:
EDIT: The words I placed in parentheses break rules 2 or 3, or just don't exist in the case of "labcoat". Sorry if that wasn't clear.

bc (I thought of "labcoat" but that's really 2 words) muddle
fg (afghan)
ij (hijab) muddle
qr (impossible, right?)
yz (Byzantine) reconditarmonia

EDIT: wow you guys are quick!

cd - anecdote
kl - duckling
uv - maneuver

Any help here? If you can think of any more words using the 3 difficult sets of letters feel free to comment as well.

EDIT: Someone posted a comment with a bunch of words from a lexicon app, so I'm not going to post LJ user "credit" on the list any more. But if you would like to continue to think up words go ahead :)

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