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Translation needed

I'm trying to make a complete archive of all versions of the Pokemon theme for the first season. I've got a good amount already, but what I'm missing is mostly translations and lyrics. As such, I turn to this community because it is so awesome (and because I've already asked other people to help and really couldn't find anyone to help except for one supercool person).

The versions that need translations are: Portuguese (Euro) , Portuguese (Brazil), German, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hindi, Hebrew, and Hungarian. If you ever need to refer to the lyrics for these versions, you can find them here and here (if you find  that a link doesn't work or that a lyric or translation is wrong or have a full version of the song, tell me and I will fix it immediately).

The versions that are missing lyrics and translations are: Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Italian, Catalan, Greek, and Mandarin. Cantonese has a translation, but no lyric.

These are missing entirely (that is, if you happen to have these openings in any form, I'd really love you forever if you could  send it to me): Icelandic, Estonian, Chinese (Taiwan), Turkish, and Bulgarian.

So yeah, if you could help me, I would super super appreciate it and you all would definitely get credit for your contributions (unless you didn't want to or whatever). :D Even if it's something small, like writing down the lyrics, I'd be really grateful (and of course, you would get a free internet if you translated). I thought about using Google Translate or Babelfish, but it gave me really weird and unreliable results and I felt that it would be better to have actual people translating it. :3

Thanks in advance to everyone who responds. Every comment is appreciated.
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