kimi dake wo (kimivalkyrie) wrote in linguaphiles,
kimi dake wo


So I've gotten into this really cute Korean rapper chick called e.via and one of her most controversial songs that got banned is called 오빠! 나 해도돼? (you can listen to the song here:

Since my Korean is pretty non existent, I went and asked a friend what that meant and he said "Oppa! Can I do it?" or something along those lines. The song is really sexual (apparently, I could tell that much from the beginning), but um... what does oppa mean?

Is it a term of endearment to a guy? An older guy? Some sort of guy? One that you're just using for sex? Is there an equivalent in English?

If anyone could clear up the meaning behind the word "oppa", I'd greatly appreciate it. :) Thanks.
Tags: korean

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