di_glossia (di_glossia) wrote in linguaphiles,

Auf Wiedersehen- How Literal Is It?

I have a question about the colloquial meaning of a common German phrase: "Auf Wiedersehen". This, of course, means goodbye but literally is equivalent to "see you later". Its counterpart for talking on the phone is "Auf Wiederhören", "until I hear your voice again". What I am confused about is the level of literal meaning it has because Heidi Klum famously uses this to say goodbye in her show, Project Runway, but she only says it to people who have been voted out and who she will NOT see again.

So, my question is: does Auf Wiedersehen still retain the meaning of an expectation to see someone again? Or has it become a catch-all for goodbye? And, if so, has Auf Wiederhören lost its related meaning as well?

Any help would be appreciated.

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