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German Course Books

Which German book should I purchase? "Teach Yourself German" or "Teach Yourself Improve Your German?" I've been teaching myself German for almost ten months now, and I can have a reasonably good conversation in it. Grammar-wise, I've gotten as far as the present tense, a few past tenses, and the simple future tense. I have a reasonable knowledge of when to decline words, the word order, orthography, etc. Whenever I hear something in German, such as a TV show or a conversation, I can understand the gist of it. My vocabulary (especially with nouns), however, isn't all that great and is quite limited. I can count and tell the time, ask for directions, and say most things tourists would want to say. 

Now, I'm aware that the "Improve Your German" course is for those that are stuck at basic sentences, as is my situation, but how much more advanced is it compared to the standard "Teach Yourself German" book? Which one would be better for me to use?

Vielen Dank!
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