Connor (fenoxielo524) wrote in linguaphiles,

Arabic Translation of "Hellfire"

Something tells me I'm probably not the only one in this community who does this, but I have a guilty pleasure of listening to the foreign dubs of Disney songs on YouTube. It's a great way to practice the languages I'm learning or hear languages I'm unfamiliar with, all while listening to (mostly) good music. It's also nice to be able to compare the translations of the same song. I've been listening to a number of dubs of "Hellfire" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. All of them begin with a chant in Latin and, while the song is sung in a dubbed language, Frollo begins each time by addressing "Beata Maria," with one exception— Arabic. Can any Arabic speakers tell me what are the first words he sings? Is there some glaring cultural reason why they would choose to change this lyric? Nearly every other language, including Hebrew, retains the Latin.

The video is here and the part in question occurs at about 2:05.

Tags: arabic

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