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Spanish Translation

Hi...I was wondering if you guys would help me make this translation sound more natural. I am really bad at modulation :(

Original Text-

At school. Mrs. Vera, a 2nd grade bilingual teacher speaks to one of her student's Mother.

In every school there are periodic parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of students, especially those of the elementary and junior high or middle schools.  Mrs. Vera, a second-grade bilingual teacher is having a meeting with Mrs. Guerrero, whose son, Emilio, is a student in Mrs. Vera's class.  Mrs. Vera explains that Emilio is a good student but that he doesn't always do his work or pay attention in class.  Neither does he always bring his notebook or other books to class.  Mrs. Vera also tells Mrs. Guerrero that Emilio needs to improve in spelling, that she should encourage him to study more.  Moreover, although Emilio did fairly well in his geography test, the teacher says he stilld oesn't know ceratin basic facts, such as the capital of the United States or the countries which border the latter.  On the other hand Mrs. Vera informs Mrs. Guerrero that her son excels in the arts and crafts class and draws very well, especially those designs for the Christmas Hilidays.  She adds taht Emilio also shows great interest in anatomy and zoology and that he seems to enjoy studying the parts of the body and the different species that form the animal kingdom.  During the interview, Mrs. Guerrero says that she and her husband are very proud of her son and want him to do well at school.  She says that she will speak to her husband to see how they can help Emilio improve in his studies.  

My version:

A la escuela.  Señora Vera, una maestra bilingüe del segun año, charla con la madre de uno de sus estudiantes.

Todos los años hay reuniones de padres y maestras que tratan del progreso del estudiante, sobre todo los de la primaria.  Señora Vera, una maestra bilingüe del segun año se reune con la madre de su estudiante Emilio Guerrero.  Le explica a Señora Guerrero que su hijo es un buen estudiante pero a veces no completa su tarea ni presta atención a ella en la clase.  Tampoco siempre lleva su cuaderno o otros libros a clase.  Señora Vera también le dice a la señora Guerrero que Emilio necesita mejorar su ortografía, que debe estimularle a estudiar más.  Aunque Emilio aprobo su examen de geografía, la maestra dice que todavía no sabe hechos básicos, como los capitales de los Estados Unidos o que paises los rodean. De otro parte, Señora Vera le informe que su hijo sí brilla en artes y oficios y que dibuja muy bien , especialmente los diseños para las Navidades.  Añade que Emilio se interesa por la anatomía y la zoología.  Durante la reunión, Señora guerrero dice que su marido y ella están muy orgullosos de él y quieren que sobresalga en la primaria.  Dice que va a hablar con su esposo para ver como pueden ayudarle a Emilio. 

It shouldn't be word for word, but it is important to make it sound natural and succinct in Spanish.
Thanks for any help or corrections you can give me


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