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Name pronunciations

Another batch for your wise linguaphilic eyes. Can anyone help me with the pronunciations of the following names?

1. Bohleke
2. Chamie (Lebanese, and therefore "SHUM-yeah"??)
3. Klages (Dutch, and "CLAY-jes"?)
4. Maige ("My-ger", to rhyme with "tiger"? I Googled a picture of this student, and I think he may be West African)
5. Golaw (=a surname, and the given names look to be from a Latin language. "Go-law"? Or is it "Gaw-luv"?)
6. Knockaert (Flemish? "Ker-NOCK-art" or something?)

(swabs brow. This was a particularly tricky batch, and there's another one to go...)

ADDENDUM: Aha! Further desperate Googling suggests that "Golaw" is a surname found in the Philippines. Erm. Anyone Filipino out there who can enlighten me? So far the pronunciation guides I've found haven't helped at all.

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