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Innovative Language Learning promotion

Right now Innovative Language Learning is doing a promotion where if 1,000,000 people become a friend of any of their language programs on Facebook, follow any of them on Twitter, or subscribe to any of their YouTube channels, that first 1,000,000 will get a free 6 month premium subscription to one of the sites. All the information is here. (The link is just for the Japanese site, but the list of other languages you can become a fan of/subscribe to/follow is here.) I'm not sure exactly how they'll count that 1,000,000 (I imagine if 33,334 people subscribed to each of the 30 "venues" that'd count as 1,000,000, but they'd only give each of the 33,334 one 6 month subscription. In any case, I thought you guys might like to know, since it'd be a good opportunity to enhance our learning if we do manage to reach that 1,000,000 mark.

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