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Brazilian Portuguese Accent Map

I decided to make a map of different pronunciations of the same sentence in Portuguese throughout Brazil. I've only gone as far as the accents I know and can reproduce well. Please help me make any necessary corrections in the IPA transcriptions and add any other accents if you know how speakers there would pronounce it.

We three want to bet on the horse (that horse) that's wearing green.
Nós três queremos apostar naquele cavalo vestido de verde.
A [nɔiʒ treiʃ ke'remuʲz-apoiʃ'ta nɐ'keli kɐ'valu viʃ'tʃidu dʒi 'veh(~x)dʒ(i)]
B [nɔis treis ke'remuʲz-apos'ta nɐ'keli kɐ'valu vis(~ɕ~z)'tʃidu dʒi 'veh(~x)dʒ](i)
C [nɔis treis ke'remuz-apos'ta(ɹ) nɐ'keli kɐ'valu vis(~ɕ~z)'tʃidu dʒi 'veɹdʒ(i)]
D [nɔs tres ke'remuz-apos'ta(r) nɐ'keli kɐ'valu vis'tʃidu dʒi 'verd(ʒ)(i)]
E [nɔs tres ke'remuz-apos'ta(ɹ) nɐ'keli kɐ'valu vis'tidu di 'veɹd(ʒ)(i)]
A - Rio de Janeiro, Northern Brazil (red)
B - South Minas Gerais, Brasília, and possibly central East coast (light purple)
C - Interior (yellow)
D - São Paulo metropolitan(dark blue/purple)
E - Southern-Interior (green)

Brazilian Portuguese accents

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