sleepinbeast (sleepinbeast) wrote in linguaphiles,

Turkish Names question


it would be very kind if someone could tell me how to pronounce the following names:
Volkan (esp: does it start with a V or an F?)
Vargin (esp. the v and the g)

Also, is Vargin a last name/ family name or a first name?
If it is the latter, what would be a conventional Turkish last name beginning with V?

Background is that I've designed a legal case for my study group. Since cases like that tend to be sexist and euro-/German-centric, I've decided to have a woman as protagonist (instead of a man), with her being a doctor, having a migrational background from Turkey, and a stay-at-home-dad as husband. :) The people all need names starting with a letter that indicates their legal position - Volkan would be the father (Vater), she'll be Sevim, the debtor (Schuldnerin) etc.

Thank you!
Tags: names, turkish

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