Christian Velásquez Pañganiban (tisoi) wrote in linguaphiles,
Christian Velásquez Pañganiban

바하사 찌아찌아 ... Korean translation request

Since the news came out a couple days ago, I've been looking for some samples of the Cia-Cia language written in Han'geul and managed to find a couple of pages of the textbook this Korean organization is using to teach the speakers of this language.

The pic is in the jump, but here's the link also

While I can read Korean, my proficiency in the language itself is very low. Could someone translate the text in the inset with the gold border? The bottom paragraph is the one I'd like translated (unless you happen to speak Cia-Cia, then go ahead and translate the top one! hehe).

On another note, it looks like they are using ㅸ to represent the /v/ sound.

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