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鸝 - Oriole

When surfing through Wiktionary's Han character list, I came across the character 鸝, whose definition was "Chinese oriole". The page also listed the Japanese On readings り, れい and らい. The fact that my Japanese keyboard doesn't know this kanji for any of those readings doesn't surprise me since it is quite rare. However, I would quite like to know whether there is any actual word for "oriole" in Japanese that contains this character. My dictionary translates "oriole" as コウライウグイス. Could the ライ in that be that kanji? I checked the Japanese Wikipedia page for "Oriole", but it only had the katakana.

So, in short: I'd like to know the kanji for
コウライウグイス and any examples of Japanese usages of the kanji  鸝.

Thanks a lot =)

[Note: I'm a Kanji freak and don't care how rarely used and uncommon any kanji is ;-) ]
Tags: japanese

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