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Questioning my own language tonight...

Heh. I'm currently watching this great comedian Adam Hills (who's been pimped here before, I think, for his awesome sketch about languages?) and I stumbled upon this bit: about German words (at 2:50 min in)

Backpfeifengesicht and Schadenfreude I am familiar with, but Scheißbedauern? /Scheißenbedauern?

I do get the meaning, especially since he translates it as shit-regret, but I can honestly say I have never heard that word before and German is my native language. A look into my trusted dictionary leaves me as clueless, as well as instant-google-fu.

So, is he making it up (which I don't think, he strikes me as a research-type) or am I just too stupid to find it/have never stumbled over that bit of slang? I'm curious. Anyone heard that word before?

PS: For those helping me find French grammar sites last time, thanks again! I passed the exam with flying colours! ^_____^

Edit: Hopefully fixed my html-error

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