a lanky brunette with a wicked jaw (intrikate88) wrote in linguaphiles,
a lanky brunette with a wicked jaw

british english grammar references.

I'm a proofreader and editor (though, um, a little in-between such meaningful employment at the moment) and my skills are not too shabby when it comes to punctuation and spelling. I'm familiar with MLA, CMS, and AP styles of formatting. However, these are all American styles...

... and my greatest desire and ambition in life is to move to London and work there.

You see how this is problematic as I suddenly go from very slightly useful to being absolutely and completely useless at a fundamental level except as, perhaps, a doorstop.

Now, I have Strunk & White, I have the 15th Edition Chicago Manual of Style, and I have the MLA Handbook. But I know nothing of British English publishing styles and standards. What books are considered standard references for this? What are the names for the different styles over there, between journalistic, academic, medical, and various house styles?


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