shinjimimura03 (Li) (shinjimimura03) wrote in linguaphiles,
shinjimimura03 (Li)

4 line Japanese Translation

I was wondering if anyone could help me translate my few lines for my song i want to write in Japanese.

"Green smoke rises,
The sky is Toxic,
And the sun will drown tonight".

I tried to figure it out, but i believe i am completely wrong.
This is what i came up with.

"Midori kemuri nobote
sora ga 'Toxic' da.
Konya wa Taiyoo oboreshinu daroo".

I dont know the japanese for 'Toxic', but im curious.
Do you think my lines will make sense in japanese? with the same feel to them?.

I was wondering if someone could translate this into Japanese Romaji, because my computer refuses to display All Asian symbols / characters regardless of how much i mess around within 'control panel'.
i dont have the 'Asian character installation cd disk'..
and romaji is easier for me to sing and find my melody.

Thank you,
if anyone could help me. xxx
Tags: japanese, translation

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