Tiina (lemmes) wrote in linguaphiles,

Icelandic for a beginner?

I've decided to start studying Icelandic. I know Swedish, Danish, and (both) Norwegian(s) already, so it's just logical to move on to Icelandic, right? :D (I also know some Latin and German, and I have figured out they might help, too, when it comes to conjugations and such.) Anyway, I was wondering if you could recommend me a good, basic grammar book, as well as a dictionary.

Here comes the catch.

My English stinks, so I would like the dictionary be Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/German – Icelandic, and it would help, too, if the grammar was meant for someone who speaks a North-Germanic language as their first language.

I'd prefer a book, really, it helps me to concentrate, and I have already found a bunch of quite good (and reliable-looking) online sources, in case you guys can't help me out with this one. Tips, anyone? Recommendations?

I'm bilingual, so that makes Finnish and Swedish my first languages. My Finnish is a bit better than my Swedish, but I don't think there's such a big difference.

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