Jenn Reese (jennreese) wrote in linguaphiles,
Jenn Reese

Hindi and Russian questions

Hi everyone! I'm a writer on an animated tv show (currently in production) that introduces kids to world languages and cultures. I have two questions for you, and please let me know if I am not adhering to community rules -- I read them, but I'm new and occasionally a little dense.

1. Hindi

Does "sitara" means "star" in Hindi? Is that the best romanization of the word? Also, we are receiving some conflicting data on the correct pronunciation of the word. Some folks say "siTARa" (emphasis on second syllable) and some folks say "sitarA" (emphasis on last syllable). This makes a big difference in the song we're writing.

2. Russian

We're looking for the best word that means "Great! Awesome!" We have heard "harasho," "atlichna," and "zdrovo" might all work, but our research shows that "harasho" usually means "good," not "great." For the purposes of our song, we need something more emphatic like the American English "Awesome!" Pronunciation would also be great.

Thank you so much!

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