Unayko (unayko) wrote in linguaphiles,

Translation Request - Russian

I it would be great if someone could translate the following into russian: "We love our Kasha"  (каша as the porridge but in this case it is supposed to be a word play about the last name of a friend of mine called Kasha (female - i think this is important in order to get it right) 
and also if someone could tell me if "щи да каша — пища наша" is commonly known saying in russian (as wikipedia states)
Extra Bonus Request but not that important: A transliteration of the saying (IPA is fine too)

Background story: I'm preparing a birthday present for  a friend of mine  called "Kasha". Sadly my russian is very bad and i even have some doubts about the pronunciation (thats the reason for the transliteration).  The card attached to be present will (hopefully) contain those phrases in russian and some каша.
Thanks again! .D

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