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More on the Status of Catalonia and Spain

Recently (yesterday, I believe) I asked a question involving the legal status of Catalonia as a nation and as a sovereign state instead of it just being an Autonomous Region. Today, I was watching the Catalan documentary "Èric i l'Exèrcit del Fenix" (about a teen who emailed companies asking for product labels in Catalan and, because of this, was accused of terrorism) when I came across a very interesting part regarding the legal statute of Catalonia. Here's the video: The part I'm referencing is between 1:46 and 2 2:07, when he's discussing what happened when he was called to the Spanish High Court in Madrid. What the lawyer says afterwards up to 3:51 is also very interesting, and an interesting reflection of what the Catalan think of themselves and what the Spanish think of the Catalans.
Tags: catalan, spanish

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