theunixgeek (theunixgeek) wrote in linguaphiles,

Country Names in Catalan

I was taking an online Catalan course ( earlier this morning  and I came across the section for country names. What I found most confusing is not the country names themselves, which I've already picked up due to my Portuguese/Spanish/French background, but that some had articles and others didn't. For example, el Brasil, la Xina, and L'índia, but Rússia, Alemanya, and França. Is there a rule when it comes to using articles with country names (besides their genders)? Another thing I found interesting is how it says "Catalunya" is a separate country. While I'm aware that the Preamble of 2006 by the Catalan Parliament declared that Catalonia a nation, is there any recognition of its independent status? Here's a screenshot of the lesson:

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