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hi! i'm completely new here, i was pointed in this community's direction and i hope you can help me.

anyways, the only language i speak at all is english. however, i have to teach swim lessons, and one of my new swim lessons doesn't know much english. his dad told me that himself, and the kid did not speak to me once and did not seem to understand much i was saying.

the kid speaks arabic. i don't know exactly where the family is from (i read that arabic dialects vary a lot, to the point where some can't understand each other), but a very educated guess would say lebanon, since my city's largest arabic group is lebanese. there are also populations from yemen, iraq, and palestine... i don't know if those all speak the same dialect or not :\

but, if anyone could tell me how to say these words/phrases in arabic, i'd very greatly appreciated. i'd also love if you could kind of sound them out for me, that'd be great. thanks so much in advance if you can help.

"straight arms" "straight legs" "up and down" "kick" "quicker/faster" "harder" also, this is kind of complex but "kick with your whole leg" would be great too ... or anything else you might think is useful! thanks again.
Tags: arabic

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