narfiknarfik (narfiknarfik) wrote in linguaphiles,

Is it true that Eskimo have 300 words for snow? Some people say that it's true, some people that that it is an urban myth.

Which words in your language do you have for

- a bribe payed to a train's conductor to travel long distance without a ticket in a luggage compartment?
- a bribe payed to a policeman so he will not give a speeding ticket?
- a bribe payed by bottles of vodka instead of cash?
- a bribe payed to a police inspector to give a local registration which is necessary to find a job?
- a bribe payed to the university admission commission so your daughter will get good marks and will be admitted to the university?
- a small bribe payed to the medical doctor so he will provide you a good service instead of "a standard one"?

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