pencildarts (pencildarts) wrote in linguaphiles,

Language Barriers in the Philippines

Hello! I'm pencildarts, and I mainly speak English, Tagalog, Pangasinense, and know how to write a tiny bit of Japanese. I'm an English-Tagalog tutor for some students here in the Philippines.

I've noticed that whenever I leave and go to the province, the younger kids speak in English, the adolescents in Tagalog, and the adults and elders in Pangasinense. I've asked my cousins and apparently they can understand Pangasinense, but can't speak it. The younger ones can't understand it at all.

Why this language barrier is forming? Is this what wiped some eighty languages away as well? I fear that this is what is happening in my hometown. I can't quite see why, as although I am a Filipino I spent time in America.

Masantos ya kabuasan tan maong ya agew! - Good morning and have a great day!
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