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French and German textbooks for sale

Here are some French and German textbooks from my collection that I don't need any more. These are all from the Concordia Language Villages immersion program and are pretty hard to come by elsewhere.

Sorry about the cell phone pictures; that's what I have to work with right now.

Lac du Bois Student Textbook
Somewhere above elementary level. This is meant as a review guide, I think. Lots of vocab and conversations.

Lac du Bois Activity Guide
If you ever needed to know how to go fishing in French or something I guess this is what you want

more pictures of the French books (inside)

Waldsee Fortgeschrittenenkurs
This is sort of hilarious I don't know it's just a lot of things in German. It is a book about things, in German. I almost don't want to part with this which is why I'm going to mark it higher than the others.

some inside pictures

Asking price is $8.50 a pop for the French books or $15 for both. $12 for the German. Shipping TBD, but figure around five bucks inside the contiguous 48.


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