Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

questions on Dravidian languages

Hi guys, maybe those studying linguistics or simply more knowledgeable about this, will be able to give your feedback on this.

So I should probably know a lot more about the Dravidian family of languages, as my father's from South India, but I guess it's hard to keep up since I don't feel there's as much necessity to know these languages, is that just me/my opinion? (nearly every North/South/East/West Indian knows English!) my friend was asking me the following and regretfully i didn't know the answers. maybe you guys do. =)

1. which Dravidian language is most spoken, or there is more of a need for knowing, in the US? Specifically in major cities: like DC, New York, San Francisco, Seattle.

2. which one is hardest to learn?

3. which one is easiest to learn?

4. if i know one, does it make it easier to learn another?

5. Are there any specific similaries worth noting among any of them? Like for example, I think Malayalam came from Tamil, so I am wondering if these two are really more like dialects or like...very similar in the way Spanish and Portuguese are.

I haven't attempted to learn any other but Tamil, that's what we speak at home. so if anyone has any feedback, thoughts/opinions, would love to hear it!

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