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Universitats Catalanas

 Hola a tots!

I've contacted two professors in my area, one from Barcelona, and an American who researches in Catalan culture and literature, about possibilities of me learning Catalan academically in a class, and to incorporate it into my studies in the future. Both said if I really wanted to be successful to learn to be fluent I would have to go to Barcelona or somewhere in Catalunia to go learn. Next June I think I can make a trip out to Barcelona with my friend from Valencia (also I'll be staying with her for a while in Valencia which will be good too), and Im thinking about looking at some of the universities out there. 

I know in Spain/Europe, to study Catalan and its literature - you do a degree in Catalan studies/filologia catalana, and it is seperate from Hispanic studies (which I am in at the moment in a Canadian university). However in North America, Catalan is a part of Hispanic Studies (if its offered to learn), so I was thinking of a way to somehow get to do both possibly at a Spanish university. However from what I can see I dont think this could work out, and I would have to choose one over to other if I chose to finish my studies at a Spanish university.

Have any of you done Catalan Studies, or Hispanic Studies with Catalan? If so, which university did you go to and how did you like it? 

Just to note, Im just looking into this, Im not sure/fully set on changing degrees right away. If I did do this, this would be in 2 years. Im going to do a semester in Sevilla in January, and if I like going to school in Spain, I would definitely move to Spain to finish my studies.

If anyone has any type of advice, or personal experiance in Catalan studies academically, it would be very appreciated. :)

Graciès i passi-ho bé.

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