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past perfect

Sorry to post twice consecutively.  Errr…another English question about past perfect.  


He had lived in Iraq for ten years before moving to Marlboro in 1987.  


This sentence said that he HAD LIVED even he had been living for ten years.  So I wondered why it cannot be said as 'had been living'.  And somebody pointed out that "LIVE" is the state verb; therefore we cannot use progressive form.  


And some other guy said at the point of 1987, everything whichever had been going on beforehand was over, so finished = perfect form.


But some other guy said that this sentence has two meanings; experience (because "before" was used) and continuation (because of "for" was used) so if LIVE was not the verb, progressive form could be used.


Hope you understand my point.

My question is this: the above states are all correct?


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