A Ferocious Urban Panther (poeticalpanther) wrote in linguaphiles,
A Ferocious Urban Panther

Time for the weekly tax form translation question

This time, it's off to the lovely Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, for a catchy little number about withholding tax rates (and I'm working on the French version).

Near the top, I've got three boxes on the right side, with the following (the first line is a title for the section):

ETAT CIVIL (cél., marié(e), veuf(ve), divorcé(e), separé(e))

_______ au 1.1.2009

_______ à p. du _______

_______ à p. du _______


The problem I'm having is trying to decipher the last two boxes, the ones with "à p. du" in them. What exactly is meant by this? I can see it's something to do with the marriage status of the declarant; the first line is obviously "as of", but what are the next two for?

Thank you for your time.

DUH. à partir du, of course. Sorry.
Tags: french

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