Вероника (veronique_cheri) wrote in linguaphiles,

International Business

I am majoring in international business and I'm trying to decide on a language. I'm a freshman so I obviously can change it if I change my mind later on. I studied Spanish for four years in high school and Russian for one. I want to take a break, at least a semester, from Spanish because I'd like to focus on something else for a bit. I originally intended to study Japanese and then study abroad my sophomore year, spring semester (my university has a campus in Tokyo). However, the course was filled. So, I decided I would study Russian again. That course was 5 credit hours, and thus made me over by exactly one credit. So, I decided on Arabic because it would be something different. I thought about that a little more and ultimately thought about the places I'd like to study abroad. Japan was out. The other places I really want to study are Spain and France, though I've been to France before I think it would be fun to experience as a full-time student and not a tourist. So, I decided to take French.

Long story short, is French a useful language for international business? I will definitely refine my Spanish later on, but would French be a good compliment? What are other useful languages for business? Thanks a ton!

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